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Bottled Gas Stockists In Leeds, Yorkshire

Available Now From MF Hire in Leeds... Flogas Bottled Gas
MF Hire and Sales (based in Morley in Leeds, Yorkshire) offers a wide range of bottled gas cylinders to suit your individual needs.

Whether you need a refill bottle of butane, patio gas, or propane, MF Hire offers competitive prices as well as a convenient delivery service direct to your door if needed.

One of the leading bottled gas stockist’s in the Leeds area, we cater for the home user as well as the trade or corporate client that uses LPG bottled gas in the workplace.

Buy Butane Gas  

You can buy this gas at a competitive price from our Leeds based outlet. Butane bottled gas is available in a range of sizes and is ideal for all your camping, caravanning, and portable heating needs.

Buy Propane Gas

You can buy propane gas cylinders also in a range of sizes. This LPG is ideal for domestic heating and cooking, cooking by corporate and trade users (especially mobile food vans and trailers, outdoor catering at events etc), and for use in commercial premises when used as a fuel for powerful space heaters. Propane gas is also commonly used with specific types of fork lift trucks.

Patio Gas

Often referred to as leisure gas. Patio gas cylinders are ideal for fitment to your garden patio heater. This type of bottle is also used with some of the smaller portable gas barbeques.

Commercial Heating Applications

Propane bottled gas is a common choice for business clients that need additional heating during the cold months experienced in Yorkshire; it is an affordable as well as economical fuel when used with powerful direct and indirect fired portable space heaters. In this application we recommend the large 47kg cylinder size of propane.

Commercial Catering Applications

LPG bottled gas can help a catering business. 19kg and 47kg propane cylinders are an ideal fuel source for mobile caterers, food vans and trailers, any type of catering business can benefit with LPG when mains gas is not available for cooking purposes.    
More Information or How To Buy

Please Contact Us for more advice, help, or further information on bottled gas

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purchase bottled gas in Leeds using your debit or credit card Why Pay More For The Propane Bottled Gas In Leeds? Propane Bottled Gas Leeds - 6kg cylinder refill size Patio Leisure Bottled Gas Leeds -11kg
Propane Gas Cylinder
6kg Size
Propane Leisure
 Patio Gas Cylinder
11kg Size
Propane Gas Cylinder
11kg Size
Propane Gas Cylinder
19kg Size
Propane Gas Cylinder
47kg Size
Butane Gas Cylinder
(21mm valve size)
Butane Gas Cylinder
13kg Size
(20mm valve size)
Flogas Bottled Gas Stockist In Leeds Leeds Bottled Gas Stockist for Cabinet Heaters Heater Hire In Leeds Propane Bottled Gas Leeds - 11kg Propane Bottled Gas Leeds - 19kg 47kg Propane Bottled Gas Stockists in Leeds Butane Bottled Gas Leeds - 13kg Butane Bottled Gas Leeds - 13kg 20mm Regulator Valve Size Cylinder Bottled Gas Stockists in Leeds

Bottled Gas Leeds from MF Hire Ltd

Your Leeds Bottled Gas Stockist for Flogas LPG